Tollemache Cup

The Tollemache Cup is the national competition for County teams of 8, organised by the EBU.  Each County enters one team. The first round is held in November and the final is held in February. More details are available from the EBU website. Paul Barden is the Captain who makes the selection.

Convention Cards

Competitors' cards may be viewed here.

Team selection

Basis of selection:  The aim is simple.  Pick the team most likely to win the Tolle from bona fide members of the county*. 

1. National results, preferably recent, but also older results will be considered, with appropriate weighting given to them. In consideration of results, the committee will consider bad results as well as good ones. 

2. Butlers from past Tolles, from ECLs, results from county competitions. 

3. Views of the currently perceived ‘top players’. 

4. Partnership considerations – regular partnerships are not necessary, but two weaker players will be picked ahead of two stronger players if it results in a stronger partnership.

* Bona fide members of the county: If someone lives in the county, they are a bona fide member of the county. If not, they may be a bona fide member if they play most of their bridge in the county, or used to live in the county and have maintained links with players within the county.  Borderline cases will be decided on a case by case basis, if necessary with reference to the Management Committee. 

Success of selection policy

Hard to assess, but we are a small county that would not naturally expect to be in the top few nationwide. The big positive is that in the last 20 years we have the second best record in terms of getting teams to the final – an impressive record.  We have not been good at turning finals appearances into wins. 

Applications to play

Pairs or individuals are welcome to apply to play in the Tolle, though this is not necessary for selection. It is recommended that the applications include national results. Where applications are made by individuals it would also be useful to have suggestions for possible partners.  Another route to selection could be through the county coach. 

Summaries of Cambs & Hunts performances in previous years

History of Cambs & Hunts performance

DNQ = did not qualify for the final