County Competitions

Teams of 4 league across several divisions

One-day Open event for players with NGS grade of Nine or below 

Online, Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs, in aid of County's chosen charity

Teams of 4 knockout. Winners represent the county at the Pachabo

Teams of 4 knockout for first-round losers

Teams of 8 club event. Each club can enter any no. of teams

Heats held by affiliated clubs, going forward to County Final

The leading 3 finalists represent the county in the Corwen

One-day event for pairs, using the Swiss format

One-day event for players with NGS grade of Jack or below 

One-day event for teams of 4, using the Swiss format

A selected team of 8 represents the county

Teams of 8 represent the County

Discontinued Competitions

One-day event for non-expert players

A Teams competition for non-expert players

Green-pointed Swiss pairs and Swiss teams event