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County Management Meeting 12.11.2020

posted 23 Nov 2020, 08:07 by Penny Riley

The Minutes from this meeting can be found here and in the 'Documents' section

County KO Teams 2019-20

posted 20 Oct 2020, 16:14 by Penny Riley

Congratulations to Jonathan Mestel's team who won the final of the County Teams KO last June.
Apart from a trophy, this team will represent Cambs. and Hunts. in the Pachabo.
Those in the winning team were Jonathan Mestel, Paul Barden, Catherine Jagger and Julian Wightwick.
Graham Hazel had played for them in an earlier round.
As you will know, the competition was disrupted by the Covid lockdown from March. 
However, the final was played on-line using the RealBridge platform designed by Graham Hazel.
(The Plate final rounds have not been completed).  


posted 4 Aug 2020, 03:04 by Penny Riley

Last Wednesday evening there were eight tables with players fronm several CAH clubs.
Congratulations to the  winners, Rosalind and Norman Hutchison with 67%.
Full Bridgewebs results can be viewed on the Cambridge BC website 
As you will notice, master points are awarded to the top third of the field at County rate (i.e. Double club rate).

Do join us this week, Wednesday, 7.0pm. to pit your wits against other club players from this County.
If you have not played in this event before, please contact Peter Grice with your details. Name, BBO id, EBU number and at least 3 BBO$ in your account.

EBU Summer Sims....Wednesday July 22nd 2020

posted 24 Jul 2020, 10:48 by Penny Riley

CAH ran a session of the EBU Summer Sims on Wednesday evening.

There were 18 pairs from 5 different clubs. The CAH winners were John Nowell with Jonathan Bradshaw from Lines, second were Tony and Tapan Pal from Cambridge , equal third were Rosalind and Norman Hutchinson from Cambridge and Paul Kemp with Kevin Clark from Lines. In the overall results from the EBU, out of 359 entries Tony and Tapan were 4th, John and Jonathan were 5th, Rosalind and Norman were 7th and Paul and Kevin were 12th. Congratulations to all of them.

 Overall results can be found on the EBU website and CAH results on the Cambridge BC website

Do come and join us next Wednesday, July 29th at 7pm. for only BBO $3.00 (about £2.30). 

We play 18 boards and masterpoints are awarded at the County level (i.e. double club points).

New to CAH Virtual Bridge Club? Please contact Peter Grice  with your name,                                                                      EBU number and BBOid (and don’t forget to have some BBO$).   

EBU Summer SIMS at CAH VBC starting at 7.0pm

posted 18 Jul 2020, 07:32 by Penny Riley

Next Wednesday, July 22nd, it will be the EBU Summer Sims

at no extra charge, just BB $3.00

As this is a National SIMS, results will not be available until after 10pm.

There will also be a PDF booklet available online at that time too.

Do find a partner and come to join us on Wednesday evening at 7.0 pm

To register with CAH Virtual Club: Join BBO and purchase some BB$ from their site,  then send an email 

to Peter Grice with your name, EBU number and BBO Id.

CAH Virtual Bridge Club - Wednesdays at 7.00pm.

posted 18 Jul 2020, 07:25 by Penny Riley

July 15th was the third session of Cambs. And Hunts. Virtual Bridge Club.

There were 8 tables with players representing seven of our County clubs, the movement allowing there to be one winner.

The winners this week were Mark and Kieran Tilley from Peterborough with 67.86%. Well done to them.

Result lists for this and previous sessions can be found on the Cambridge BC. website 

Do find a partner and come to join us every Wednesday evening at 7.0 pm to play against players from all over the County.

To register with CAH Virtual B. Club: Join BBO and purchase some BB$ from their site, 

then send an email to Peter Grice with your name, EBU number and BBO Id.

First CAH Virtual Bridge Meeting on Wednesday July 1st 2020

posted 2 Jul 2020, 10:07 by Penny Riley

The first meeting of the County Virtual Bridge Club was held yesterday evening at 7pm on BBO,

(Bridge Base On-Line). It was Open Pairs which ran seamlessly, directed by Peter Grice.

There were 5 tables playing a Howell movement of 18 boards with County Masterpoints and

congratulations to the winners who were Peter Oxley and Bill Briscombe from the Lines B.C.

Results can be viewed on the Cambridge Bridge Club website         

Players represented 4 of our 14 affiliated clubs and hopefully, next time there will be many more.

Do come and play with others from all over the County on Wednesday evenings from the comfort of your home.

To do this you will need to purchase some BB$ from the BBO site. (3 p.p. per session, about £2.30)

and register your name, EBU number and BBO id with Peter Grice. 

Virtual County AGM May 7th 2020

posted 11 May 2020, 07:16 by Penny Riley   [ updated 11 May 2020, 07:19 ]

Due to an insufficient number of attendees (only 11), we did not hold the virtual AGM at this time - given the current uncertainty, it is indefinitely postponed. Reports from the various officers (plus the audited accounts) have been made available (below and in 'documents'),  and any comments are welcomed.

Once there is more information around when it is safe to resume face to face bridge, a draft calendar will be disseminated. Until that time, I encourage anyone who is interested to take part in the various available online bridge games organised by both clubs and the EBU. Despite the difficult circumstances, bridge can still provide a valuable source of social interaction and entertainment.

Best wishes to everyone in the County and stay safe. 

Adam Bowden,


EABW Sunday Swiss Teams

posted 8 Mar 2020, 17:06 by Penny Riley

Top: Clive Stops, Simon Barb, Rod Oakford & John Liebeschuetz

Left: Pauline Harden, Mary Moir, Mark Leggett & Tyler Mair

Right: Liam Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Jamie Fegarty and Paul Fegarty

Simon Barb & Rod Oakford completed an East Anglian Bridge Weekend 'double' by landing the Teams event on Sunday - together with Clive Stops & John Liebeschuetz - 24 hours after winning the Swiss Pairs.

However, the manner of their success could not have been more different to their earlier victory. Having strolled to a comfortable win on Saturday (see below), the teams comnpetiton was not decided until the score for the last of 48 boards was punched into the Bridgemate.

The family quartet of Paul Fegarty & Catherine Curtis and their two sons, Liam and Jamie, led for much of the day only to be overtaken in the final round by the Norfolk quartet of Paul Darby & Steve Dannell and Giles & Gabriel Ip who in turn were overhauled in the dying moments by the winning four from Cambridgeshire.

The Relaxed Pairs was won by Tyler Mair, Mary Moir, Pauline Harden and Mark Leggett.


EABW Saturday Swiss Pairs

posted 7 Mar 2020, 16:22 by Penny Riley   [ updated 8 Mar 2020, 16:49 ]

Simon Barb & Rod Oakford (top), 

John Bloomfield & Celia Jeal (left) 

Christine Mapus-Smith & Sekhar Pillai (right)

Simon Barb & Rod Oakford from Cambridgeshire strolled to an emphatic victory in the Swiss Pairs on the opening day of the East Anglian Bridge Weekend.

Although they lost two of their seven matches - narrowly - they scored thumping wins in the other five to finish 13 VPs clear of joint runners-up, Jake Dunn & Martin Jones and John Bloomfield & Celia Jeal, who were the top placed Suffolk pair.

The non-expert prize went to Christine Mapus-Smith & Sekhar Pillai. 44 pairs took part in the event staged aty Elmswell. Click on EABW to see all the scores.

The Swiss Teams on Sunday start at 11am; the Relaxed Teams at 3pm.

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